How to make a Capricorn Man
fall in love with you

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Capricorn men and how to attract one

To attract a Capricorn man you'll need to show how responsible, mature and reliable you are. Capricorn men are not attracted to wild, flashy or crazy women. Slow, steady and stable is the mantra of the Capricorn man and you will need to display these traits to him before he can have any interest in you.

You'll need to get your Capricorn man to trust and respect you as a friend first before he could think of making romantic advances towards you. Capricorn men can be quite suspicious and distrustful and would need to really get to know a women well before entrusting her with his heart.

Romantic gestures, emotional displays and outpouring of feelings are not in the Capricorn mans vocabulary. So don't expect him to sweep you off your feet. You may have to do most of the running in this relationship but don't be too pushy as this will turn him off you.

If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn man, or want to be then you'll need to offer and give your support and encouragement to their dreams and ambitions. Capricorn men are the most hard working, determined and ambitious of all the star signs and will let nothing, including you, hold them back from striving for success. Picture the sure footed, steady goat making his way to the top of the scrabbling rocks and you have the measure of the ambition of the Capricorn man.

To attract and keep a Capricorn man interested enough to fall in love with you you'll need to allow them to be master of the relationship. They like to be boss and do not like to be bossed.

How to attract a Capricorn Man and have them fall in love with you

If you have your eye on a Capricorn man then try these methods to attract them and get them to fall in love with you.

  1. Invite your Capricorn to a social event. To attract a Capricorn man try inviting him to a social event where he can mix and mingle with your friends and family. Capricorn men are very social and will admire you if you also have plenty of friends and family. They are also ambitious social climbers and will use the social event as a networking venue to further their career goals. They'll love you for that.
  2. Wear something in the colour green to attract a Capricorn man. The colour green is very attractive to a Capricorn man, firstly as it relates to their earthy qualities and secondly because it is the colour that represents money, luck and good fortune. Perfumes containing earthy musky scents are also appealing to Capricorn men.
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