Blue Moon Spell

Discover the Secrets of the Rare Blue Moon....

Because I am a real Witch, casting real Spells with real results I'm so excited to be able to offer a very rare, extremely magical and powerful Blue Moon Spell. A Blue Moon only occurs every two and a half years or so and is an amazing magical phenomenon.

The next Blue Moon occurs on 31 January 2018

Powerful Magic Spells cast on the evening of a rare Blue Moon by an experienced Witch, such as myself are known to be nine times more potent than any other time.

The phrase "Once in a blue moon" is taken to mean seldom or rarely happening. And this is the case with a Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon occurs when a second full moon falls in any one calendar month. Usually months have only one full moon, but occasionally there can be a second one named a Blue Moon. Full Moons occur every 29 days, but most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two Full Moons in a single month. This happens every two and a half years, on average. The last Blue Moon was on 31 July 2015. The next Blue Moon happens on 31 January 2018.

So this is your "Once in a Blue Moon!" opportunity to have a Spell cast for any positive purpose by me, Alizon, an experienced English White Witch.

Blue Moon Spell

Powerful & Potent Blue Moon

JUST $99.99

When purchasing this service from me you are assumed to have read my Terms and Conditions

After making payment Click Here to enter and submit your details on my Spell Details Form. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Brief outline of desired outcome from the Spell

Once you have decided to have a Spell cast by me and I have all the details I need I will prepare to cast for you as soon as possible. I will send via email a full account of the Spell I will cast on your behalf.

I look forward to casting your Spell on your behalf. The moment I cast a Spell for you it immediately begins working on your request. After the Spell has been cast I will send you notification that I completed and cast your Spell.

Now you just need to expect the Magic to begin…

I have limited privileged, premium Blue Moon Spell appointments available, so act now and book yours as soon as possible. Don't miss out on the next Blue Moon, as I know these appointments will be snapped up quickly.

Casting Spells That Work

Having a Spell cast can bring miraculous results very swiftly and can literally change your destiny for the better.

If you have an interest in spirituality, are intrigued by astrology, fascinated by Tarot cards or captivated by Psychic abilities, then the next logical step is to look into the power of Magic.

Having a Spell cast is Magic you can believe in.

And even if you are slightly skeptical, uncertain or wary, powerful positive energies combined with expert Spell casting will soon have you convinced in the power of Magic.

I personally guarantee that I will do my very best for you and you will discover the real secrets to abundant wealth, prosperous health and loving happiness.
The Blue Moon Spell I will cast for you is for any positive purpose of your choice. The amazing Spell governs all facets of abundance, wealth attraction, prosperity and positive energies and is the most powerful and potent Spell to be cast on the rare Blue Moon.

It encompasses all luck and good fortune situations and can be used to draw to you abundant wealth, committed love, good luck, success and happiness.

If you cannot wait until the next blue moon on 31 January 2018 for a Spell to be cast for you for Wealth, Love, Protection, Fertility or Prosperity then go to my Spells Page

The Spells I cast on your behalf are cast in love and light, with harm to none. They cannot backfire and do not bend the will of anyone.

Casting a Blue Moon Spell

I can guarantee that a Spell cast on the Blue Moon by me on your behalf is carefully crafted for optimum results. I use a minimum of 21 ingredients for casting a Spell cast on the Blue Moon

The Crystals, wild herbs and other ingredients I use for casting your Blue Moon Spell are chosen for their powerful and potent magical properties and positive energies. All the wild herbs, wild flowers and tree barks are ethically gathered at peak potency and all Crystals are selected for their powerful energies.

All the ingredients I use to formulate your personal Spell cast on the Blue Moon are gathered, ritually blessed, charged and prepared personally by me during the appropriate Magical Lunar Phases.

FREE Spell Included

Because you will need negative energies to be lifted from you I will also cast a FREE Spell that removes negative energies that cause bad luck. This free Spell is a Purifying Cleansing Spell, more commonly known as a Curse Removal Spell.

I will cast this free Spell in conjunction with a powerful Blue Moon Spell as it can clear negative energies swiftly. This allows the supportive influences and amazing positive elements to act very quickly. It allows you to be open and ready to receive your desired outcome from the Spell casting.

If you cannot wait for the next Blue Moon I've managed to capture the very special and unique Blue Moon Energy and imbued it into some very exclusive and extraordinary Blue Moon Talismans

Don't miss out on the coming May New Moon 2017...

Your chance for a fresh start:

You may want a New Moon Spell to:

Attract a new love into your life

Begin a fresh start with an ex-lover

Commence a new beginning in your career

Create a new successful business

Manifest a new period of abundant wealth and prosperity

Bring positive good luck for lottery wins and gambling

Enable a completely fresh start in your confidence

Or any positive purpose you may have



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You must be at least 18 years old to make any purchase from me.

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