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Greek Basil is great to use in any recipes containing tomatoes. It is a very versatile herb and can add flavour to many dishes. It goes well with vegetables, soups, salads, eggs, seafood, meat, and game.

Herbal Lore

Hippocrates considered Basil as beneficial to the heart and prescribed it for treatment of constipation and to prevent vomiting. And Pliny suggested vinegar scented with basil would help prevent fainting.

Basil is of religious significance to the Eastern Orthodox Church and is used by the priest to bless people with. Many Greeks bring basil plants as gifts to the church or to have their basil plants blessed by the priest, as a blessing for the health and prosperity of their home.

It also can bring luck to people moving into a new home - a gift of a potted Basil plant guarantees good fortune.

Magical Usage in Spells

Scott Cunningham states in his Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs that two Basil leaves placed on a live coal will give you an indicator about the state of your relationship. If they burn to ash quickly, the marriage will be harmonious, but if they crackle and hiss, your marriage will be disruptive.

Magically, Basil can be used in all Love Spells but in particular those for binding, ensuring fidelity and gaining commitment.

I use Basil in my Spells and in particular in my Love Spells, Prosperity Spells and Wealth Spells.

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