Aries Sex, Love and Relationships

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Aries Sex

As an Aries lover your love making is anything but dull!

Your passionate fiery nature combined with your adventurous streak makes you an incredible enthusiastic lover.

Coming under the element of fire, as an Aries you are hot blooded, energetic, very physical and dynamic.

As an Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac and as such, like to be first in everything and this includes love making. You like to dominate, be forceful and prefer sexual positions in which you can show your dominance. The Aries lover is supremely confident too.

You invariably take the initiative and your boldness and impulsiveness makes you very willing to experiment.

The negative side to Aries sex is that you can be extremely selfish and can sometimes put your needs above the needs of a lover. This inconsiderate side to your nature can be intolerable for some other Star Signs.

Some see your love making as playfulness, while others cannot tolerate your immaturity and foolish ways. But all in all, most of the other Zodiac Signs would be flattered to have an Aries lover.

Aries Love and Relationships

If you are an Aries lover…

Aries love relationships is all about you being number one in the relationship. As an Aries, if you can be in charge and dominate the relationship you will be sublimely happy. You will reward your love partner with your total devotion and shower them with your passionate affection.

Being in love with you, Aries can be one big adventure that will energise and enthral any love partner. Your exuberant and fun loving style will add sparkle and vitality to a love partner's life.

In love relationships you can be very protective – almost possessive – and aren't afraid to demonstrate your affection and express your love.

On the downside, some Star Signs can be simply overwhelmed by your energy, while others may see you as selfish and inconsiderate.

If you have an Aries lover…

To keep your Aries lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to show them that they are number one in your life. They need to lead and you'll need to follow. You'll also need to keep your independence and allow them some freedom to enjoy time without you.

Keep an Aries lover interested and excited by suggesting new things to do together. Keep things fresh and exciting. Arians become easily bored with routine so try not to let your relationship slip into a rut.

If you want an Aries lover…

If you want to attract an Aries lover you'll need to be confident and self assured. Arians will simply not notice a wallflower. You need to attract their attention and keep it by interesting conversation and suggestions about trying out new and exciting experiences together.

Complement and praise them constantly – you can never give too much praise to an Arian. Challenge them to a competition of some sort – and let them win.

You'll also need to be physically fit, strong and vibrant to keep up with the energetic and enthusiastic Arian. Try wearing something in the colour red to attract their attention. The colour red connects with the passion of an Aries. Arians like to be surprised, so exciting ideas or fun gifts will keep them happy.

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