How to make an Aquarius Man
fall in love with you

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Aquarius men and how to attract one

To attract an Aquarius man can be easy, but keeping them and gaining commitment can be almost impossible. Aquarian men are totally committed to non commitment. They are very independent and would be very unwilling to relinquish this in a long term relationship. They hate to be tied down and will want to explore many options before settling down – if ever. But on the upside, if you can get an Aquarius man to fall in love with you and commit to you, you will have him for keeps.

If you want to attract an Aquarius man you'll need to ditch all emotional and romantic ideas and appeal to the Aquarians mind. You'll need to interest, intrigue and mystify an Aquarian man. You'll need to dazzle him with scintillating conversation. Don't be too up front and wear your heart on your sleeve as an Aquarian man will want to analyze and work you out for himself.

Aquarius men need friendship, trust and mutual respect before they can consider a romantic relationship. You will need to be the best friend of an Aquarius man to stand a chance of a long term relationship with him. You will need to match him intellectually too. But the most important thing to do with an Aquarian man is to allow him freedom and independence.

To keep the interest of your Aquarius man do not be too clingy and needy with him. Allow him to analyze you but do not attempt to analyze him. Just be accepting that he has a different and often unconventional approach to life than others and you won't go far wrong.

Tips on how to attract an Aquarius Man and have them fall in love with you

If you have your eye on an Aquarius man then try these methods to attract them and get them to fall in love with you.

  1. Gain firm friendship first. Do this before contemplating a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man. Aquarians make friends very easily and because of this have many friends usually from varied backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups. You will need to accept his friends, even the strange and weird ones, if you are to have a relationship with an Aquarian man.
  2. Wear something in the colour turquoise to attract an Aquarius man. The colour turquoise is a mix of the creative expression of the colour green and the rational thought of the colour blue. And this mix explains the personality traits of an Aquarian man and is thus very appealing to them. They are mysteriously drawn to this colour and will be intrigued by you and want to know what you have to say.
  3. Get an Attraction Spell. Such a Powerful Spell cast by me will help to attract an Aquarius man. If it is written in the stars that your destiny is to be with an Aquarius man, than you might try to help destiny along a little. Real Magic uses mysterious, subtle yet tried and tested methods to attract a lover. I can professionally and expertly Spell cast on your behalf.

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